Sashrika Pandey

CS @ UC Berkeley '24 | Former Research Assistant at University of Iowa | she++ #include Fellow '20


AWS DeepRacer

Examining an iterative development of reward functions to generate autonomous driving models using RL. University of Iowa Secondary Student Training Program, 2019.

Web PB

Analyzing data of lead concentration of drinking water in New York public schools. OmniHacks 2019 Best Website, Top 10 Overall.

R Records

R programs to obtain statistical information and create graphical displays. Brown Pre-College Program, Summer 2018.

K-Town BBQ

Website developed with peers for local family-owned restaurant that serves Korean-infused barbeque dishes.

Fan Wu

Website developed with peers for author of several notable novels including February Flowers and Beautiful as Yesterday.

Bonnie Huang Hall

Website developed with peers for doctor with private practice.

JavaScript Studio

Some JavaScript programs that use programming logic and interactive displays.

Technical Writing

As the Editor in Chief and a former blog writer at Allgirlithm, a non-profit that aims to empower aspiring female computer scientists through a plethora of online resources, I review staff submissions for articles spanning news in AI to program opportunities and resources for students. As a former blog writer, I wrote an article series about the interdisciplinary applications of machine learning and topics in computer science.

I have also been a guest writer for Reinvented Magazine and written for The Code Matrix.

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