Sashrika Pandey

programmer + writer


AWS DeepRacer

Examining an iterative development of reward functions to generate autonomous driving models using reinforcement learning. University of Iowa SSTP.


Analyzing data of lead concentration of drinking water in New York public schools. OmniHacks Best Website, Top 10 Overall.

R Records

R programs to obtain statistical information and create graphical displays. Brown Pre-College Program, Summer 2018.

JS Studio

Some JavaScript programs that use programming logic and interactive displays.


Research Intern - Professor Denise Szecsei, University of Iowa

Secondary Student Training Program, 2019

  • Used reinforcement learning to examine an iterative development of reward functions that optimized navigation for an autonomous virtual car
  • Developed reward functions for testing based on calculated mathematical representations of the track and varying combinations of parameters and their associated rewards
  • Analyzed logs generated from Amazon Web Services using Python for further model development
  • Received best presentation award in judging circle for academic poster
Research Poster Research Brief

Technical Writing

Editor and Blog Writer, Allgirlithm

  • Wrote articles about AI and interdisciplinary research for non-profit that empowers women in technology
  • Review staff submissions and tailor articles to increase audience traction through accessible resources
  • Pieces featured in Reinvented Magazine, Allgirlithm, The Code Matrix

Client Work

Young Coders Collective

  • Collaborate with team members to work on web development and software-based projects for local businesses and non-profits
  • Designed and built responsive websites by interpreting visual designs into code and developing plans for business owners
  • Resolved technical challenges while maintaining several websites simultaneously and managerial tasks including delegating page-specific components to team members
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K-Town BBQLocal family-owned restaurant that serves Korean-infused barbeque dishes.

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Fan WuAuthor of notable novels including February Flowers and Beautiful as Yesterday.

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Bonnie Huang Hall, MD, PhDIndependent doctor with private practice.


NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award

San Francisco Bay Area Affiliate Honorable Mention

Demonstrated academic interest and experience with computer science. Joined fellowship of peers and industry professionals intent on increasing access to opportunities in technology.

TEDxYouth at Ponderosa Heights

Speaker, "Our Nation's Inferior Education"

Researched successful education systems, identified correlation between programs available to students and performance. Presented findings and recommended educational guidelines.

President's Volunteer Service Award

Gold Level Award Recipient

Volunteered for non-profit that involves young students in educational and career-oriented activities. Tutored elementary and middle school students, guided them through collaborative activities.

Wogrammer Journalism Fellowship

Honorable Mention

Applied for fellowship that aims to empower women in computer science by showcasing their stories.